Introduction to Second Edition


The Upsilon Credo

The Tried and True Upsilonian,

An adaptation and annotation of the Upsilon Credo - by Rafael S. Francia ‘55


Chapter I  The Individual Upsilonian

·     The Right Stuff – by Alfie Kwong ‘67

·     Self-Evaluator and Action Prompter       adapted by Roberto Esguerra ‘60

·     Desiderata – by Max Ehrmann

·     Rudyard Kipling’s “IF” – annotated by Rodolfo O. Reyes ‘78

·     For More Meaningful Fellowships –by Rafael S. Francia ‘55







Introduction to Second Edition

This second edition of the Upsilon Resource Book  is an updated and expanded version of the first version launched at the USPNA Reunion in San Francisco, September 2002. 


The new edition includes:

A more complete version of “The Tried and True Upsilonian”  adaptation and  annotation of the Upsilon Credo by Rafael S. Francia ‘55

An annotation of Kipling’s “IF” by Rodolfo O. Reyes ‘78

An article “For More Meaningful Fellowships” by Rafael S. Francia ‘55

An article “Educating Filipinos for the Knowledge Economy”  by Celerino C. Tiongco ‘68

An article "How to Lead Your Children to Success" by Dr. James B. Stenson

An article " What Pinoys Can Do to Help Our Country" by Alexander Lacson

An article “The Free and Virtuous Society, Catholic Social Doctrine in the Twenty-First Century” by George Weigel. This article replaces the article  “Major Themes from Catholic Social Teachings” in the first edition.

An updated list of contributors to the Resource Book with whom you can dialogue and address your questions.

I hope you find this new edition more helpful in your endeavors to be a “Tried and True Upsilonian.”  Ed.